28 March 2016

“Quran Museum n history of Perang Uhud which was explained by ustaz Taufik that had touched my heart.”

24 March 2016

“Jemaah were very friendly/ teamwork and gain more knowledge”

18 Feb 2016

“The WhatsApp group is excellent and supportive. Every body is well informed! Any enquiries promptly answered by Ustaz Firdaus. Alhamdullillah….”

“Love everything in this package. No complain. If I have a chance to visit mecca again I will chose sunny island.”

“The package are good and affordable. Good & Excellent”

29 Dec 2015

“Overall Best and good experience with Ustaz suhaimi guidance. Well done Ustaz !!”

“Really liked the fact that the package was focused on ibadah (and not get distracted by tourist attractions), and made full use of the alternate days there to perform umrah with the group.”

30 Dec 2015

“With Sunny Island, it always seem like a family affair as we often see familiar faces…”

“the camaraderie we developed -great cooperation and teamwork (timeliness, baggage help etc, etc) – I learnt a lot more in the Baitulmaqdis trip than my 1st trip (03/2014). Guide (Khalil) was really good and passionate about his work”





12 Mar 2016

“It’s the best tour entourage I’ve ever been part of. Everyone was looking out for each other and the total solar eclipse is a once in a lifetime experience which I would never forget ??.”

“Thankful & appreciative for Sunny Island travel & staffs, to make a dream come true. Total solar eclipse & a shooting star are priceless experience.”

“Nothing could beat the feeling of been able to witness the totality of solar eclipse. It was such an amazing sight that tears flowed upon seeing it. And it was such an experience to witness such a beauty for the first time. Nothing can erase that captured memory in the heart, forever. ❤️ Furthermore, knowing that, Allah has permits the jemaah to change location, and be able to witness it at Tanjong Api-api instead of Masjid Agung, makes it more memorable alhamdulillah”

“This is the most memorable tour I have experienced for us to witness the Greatness and Powerfulness of Allah Swt (Subhannallah)”

“Masyaa Allaah & Alhamdulillaah dapat melihat keajaiban CiptaanNya yg sungguh Menakjubkan, dengan izinNya. Jazakumullaahu khoir to Ustaz Firdaus Yahya n Sunny Island Travels & Tours PL for bringing us on this trip…”

“The most memorable trip i ever had! Alhamdulillah.”

9 Sept 2015

“The stargazing tour has been a memorable one. It’s educational and spiritually uplifting. Would definitely join this tour again in the near future, insyaAllah.”

“best experience pendekatan diri hamba dengan pencipta nya. nothing like hearing what people say or looking at photos if you don”t experience it yourself. PLACES YOU MUST SEE BEFORE YOU DIE list.”

“It was a mermerising experience to see d stars covered d sky! ما شاءَ الله لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله”