She Did Not Wait

Our customers carry with them a treasure trove each time they walk into the office. There are many moments when we learn firsthand what sincerity means. There are also moments when we feel touched by the grit and determination shown. There are times when plans don’t work and the going gets really tough. We would like to share these stories with you and hope that they inspire you, as much as our customers inspire us time and again.


When she stepped into the office in May, it was right after we rolled out the December Umrah package. She was the first to register.

She asked, “Can I pay in instalment? Can I come every month to pay?”

We said, “Sure! We would love to see you every month.”

True to her words, we saw her every first week of the month, for the next few months. She would come with $500 each time, and we would chat. “If I don’t make this payment now, I may end up using this money for other things.” was what she would say each visit. She would share about her job as an assistant cook and that since her working hours ended early, she was able to drop by after work.

On her 5th visit, she came with her husband. The smiling man explained that he could not go because of work and asked, “How much does she have to pay?”


There was a silence greeting our answer, as the man looked at his wife for a long time. And he finally broke the silence, “$850 only, Ibu?”

She smiled in embarrassment and explained that she had been paying in instalment, unknown to him. Apparently, she surprised herself that she was able to pay that much.

If there was one thing we learnt from her that day, it was about tawakkul and having faith in Him, even when the bank account balance was unconvincing, and the payslip not helping. It was also about the determination to see it through as she came month after month. Most of all, it was about the courage she had for not waiting. 

May Allah make us among those who are determined to be steadfast in obedience to Him, and among those who do not wait to do good in this world.

فَاسْتَبِقُوا الْخَيْرَاتِ

“So strive as in a race in good deeds..” [5:48]

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