Kicking off the Islam & Science series for the curious!

With a special inclusion of Khiva, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an open-air museum.

Whether it is being in awe of the excavated Ulugh Beg Observatory (as seen in picture) or visiting the maqam of the great muhaddith Imam Bukhari, Uzbekistan offers plenty that will persistently remind you of the golden years of Islamic history in the Silk Road cities.

“The visit to Imam Bukhari’s maqam was memorable to me not because of the architecture of the building, though it was beautiful. It was the humbling emotions going through me when I stood in front of his grave. A man was sitting nearby, reciting the Quran by heart softly. There was a respectful silence, yet I could feel the presence of many angels around.”

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28 March – 4 April 2018


Maqam Imam Bukhari
Quran copy of Saiyidina Uthman Bin Affan
6TH Century UNESCO World Heritage site of Khiva
Institute of Material Science (large solar furnace
Excavated Ulugh Beg Observatory
Kyzylkum Desert
Plov Rice Demonstration
Paper Making Class

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