6 Advantages of Group Travel

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Why bother travel in a group? So ‘leceh lah’!

The inconveniences of travelling in a group are well-known, yet most of our group packages get filled up time and again. With more than 20 years in this field, a small yet cosy community of travellers has been formed among our regulars. Here are 6 reasons why this small community is growing.

1. No worries about your priorities

When you travel to a new place, you do not need to worry about covering all that needs to be covered. We are clear on the priorities. They go in the order of:

Ibadah, then physical needs, then convenience.

When the group chasing the Aurora was at Iceland during winter, when the sun set at 3 pm, there were only 40 minutes between Zuhur and Asar, and there was much to see, prayers came first, lunch next. A Muslim’s daily obligations always come first in our group travels.

2. Benefit from the group’s good deeds

Chasing the Aurora was a challenging task. Only He controls the cloud coverage, which was the biggest factor. Yet, the one time the group managed to see the Aurora at 1 am, was the night that some of the people in the group woke up to do tahajjud prayers.

3. Share first-time experiences with others

Because the experience of seeing the total solar eclipse at Palembang was a truly amazing one, the group shared the special moment together. It was not lonely. No one else back at home would truly understand the feeling of watching the sun being totally covered and then catching the momentary ‘diamond ring’.

4. Better deals

The numbers matter. It is no secret that you get better deals travelling in a group. Group travel taps on to the power of buying in bulk and common costs are spread across the whole group, allowing you to get better value for your dollar.

5. Learn from the local

While self-drive tours can satisfy the adventurous streak in you, guided tours give you ample access to valuable local knowledge. Never underestimate the in-depth information you can learn about the culture, customs and family life from a local’s perspective.

6. Meet different types of people

Who you travel with can be more important than your destination. This has always been mentioned time and again by our customers. People of similar interests and priorities in life, somehow meet together and connect over 10 days, forming friendships and lasting connections.

Our growing community has a social network through Whatsapp. Exchanging news, wedding invites, and of course, sharing pictures. The bonds formed may fade, but are not forgotten, as some choose to travel together again to other regions of the world.

If you want to meet fellow travellers who share similar interests, do check out our group departures.

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